The leading conversations in technology: Our top podcast picks

A collection of the Safety Tech Innovation Network’s recommended podcasts informing listeners on different aspects of the technology sector.

To help you stay abreast of the leading conversations in technology from Safety Tech to privacy, we have compiled our top podcast recommendations…

…about Safety Tech:

Internet Watch Foundation (IWF): Pixels from a Crime Scene

The IWF’s podcast ‘Pixels from a Crime Scene’ helps to shed light on the internet’s darkest issues by confronting the difficult conversations and challenges surrounding online child sexual abuse material, through speaking with victims, the police and even the criminals involved behind the screen.

Frequency: Weekly
Listen via: SpotifyApple Podcasts

Spectrum Labs: The Brief

This podcast series includes interviews and discussions with those working on the front line of online trust and safety. Episode themes cover everything from fraud and child safety to discrimination and policy.

Frequency: Full podcast series available for listening
Listen via: YouTube

Oasis Consortium: Brand Safety Exchange

The Oasis Consortium podcast series spans nearly 20 episodes with each focusing on a different industry specific topic. From privacy to keyword blocklists, listeners can gain access to a wealth of discussions delivered by experts and thought leaders working in brand and user safety.

Frequency: Full podcast series available for listening
Listen via: Apple Podcasts

SafeToNet Foundation: Safeguarding Podcasts

Launched in early 2019, the SafeToNet Foundation charity produced a dedicated series of safeguarding podcast episodes to explore the technology, law and culture surrounding online child safety. Episodes cover a vast range of sub-topics including new technologies, sector strategy, challenges and more.

Frequency: Bi-weekly
Listen via: Available to stream directly

…about online safety:

SWGfL: Online Safety Podcast

‘Your one-stop-shop for internet safety news and comment’. From online rights, misinformation, police interviews and more, the SWGfL podcast series hosts an impressive back catalogue of episodes covering everything under the online safety umbrella.

Frequency: Full podcast series available for listening
Listen via:Spotify

Tech Shock: The Parent Zone podcast

In this podcast series, ParentZone founder and CEO, Viki Shotbolt, and ParentZone Editor, Geraldine Bedell, tackle the most topical issues faced by children online today. Each episode is aimed at helping to explain the mysteries of digital technology to parents, teachers, professionals and policymakers.

Frequency: Weekly
Listen via: SpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts

NSPCC: Learning Podcast

Helping inform the wider public of its ongoing work and the challenges faced in online child protection, the NSPCC Learning Podcast series provides a huge back catalogue of information centred on the issues young people face on the internet and the steps that can be taken to protect them.

Frequency: Monthly
Listen via: SpotifyApple Podcasts

…about technology:

PwC: The A – Z of tech

This podcast series takes listeners on an in-depth technology journey using the alphabet as guidance (for example P for Privacy) with each episode’s theme based around a specific topic, featuring technologists and special guests.

Frequency: Bi-monthly
Listen via: Apple PodcastsSpotify

Tech Swamp

Airing twice a month, Tech Swamp discusses the top technology headlines, history and policy news from around the world. Most importantly, it explores what these things mean for those in the industry.

Frequency: Twice a month
Listen via: SoundcloudSpotify

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