Safety Tech 101: Helping users control their online experience

In the fourth of our Safety Tech 101 series, Sofia Hicks, (Safety Tech Policy Lead, DCMS) spoke to Tracy Chou (CEO, BlockParty) about how technology can empower users to help reduce online harms for themselves and take control of their personal online experiences. 

User-initiated protection technologies are apps or features that sit on an individual’s device that can be used to create a safer online environment for them, at the point of interaction. These use AI to detect and filter, in real-time, signs of bullying, sexual risk, abuse, and aggression as they type, alerting the person as they veer towards risk.

In this session, Tracy Chou, CEO of BlockParty, discusses the tools that her company has developed to counter online abuse by allowing users to have more control of their online experience. Topics covered include:

  • Why BlockParty was established, and its route to growth
  • How user-initiated protection can complement other content moderation technologies by allowing users to set personal preferences to what content they would like to be exposed to
  • How platforms could support the growth of technologies such as BlockParty, by doing more to open up APIs.

Watch the fireside chat with Tracy Chou in full below:

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