Privacy, data and legal issues in safety tech

Working on online harms means that companies are frequently needing to deal with tricky issues of privacy, legality of content, and commercial considerations. These can be hard for any company to navigate, but particularly SMEs with scarce resources. A recent blogpost by privacy expert Neil Brown sketches out some of the key issues.

Issues explored within this theme could include: 

  • How user safety and privacy are balanced in practice, for example on  tools such as BBC Own It
  • The impact of the introduction of the ICO’s age-appropriate design code 
  • The need for shared baseline of guidance in key areas - illustrating for example what permissible datasharing under the GDPR looks like- to support growth.

Next steps

On 15th January 2021 we held an online workshop with expert panellists, at which we reviewed issues and needs, and discussed ways in which the Safety Tech Innovation Network can make a difference - for example by developing guidance, or sharing and promoting best practices.

Read more about the Safety Tech Innovation Network - Privacy, Data and Legal issues event (15th January 2021).


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