Diversity, inclusion and fairness in safety tech

In this theme, we'll look at how issues of diversity, inclusion and fairness relate to our work on safety tech. 

This could involve:

  • Diversity of staffing: how can we use HR processes to ensure that staffing within our companies sufficiently reflects the users we try to serve;
  • Diversity of audience: how can we ensure that user research captures the needs of all users - in particular the most vulnerable;
  • Addressing data bias: how can we detect and address potential issues of bias in the datasets used to train AI solutions, and ensure that decisions made on the basis of AI are explainable?

Next steps

On 5 November 2020, a set of expert panellists came together to provide Safety Tech Innovation Network members with a snapshot of the issues, practical recommendations - and to echo the call for diversity, inclusion and fairness to be values central to safety tech.

Read our summary of the Diversity, Inclusion and Fairness workshop, held on 5th November.

You can also watch the recording of the full session here

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