European Commission launches EUR16m fund to combat child sexual abuse

The EU Commission has announced details of a ground-breaking new scheme to combat child sexual abuse, and is calling for project proposals with up to 16 million EUR available.

Reflecting the priorities of the EU strategy for a more collaborative fight against child sexual abuse, the call for proposals focuses on two areas:

  • Improving prevention of child sexual abuse and assistance for victims, with the aim to foster and encourage initiatives to reduce the incidence of child sexual abuse online and offline.
  • Developing the capacity to effectively fight child sexual abuse online by enhancing the technical toolset available to detect, investigate and prosecute against child sexual abuse.


Companies interested in applying will need to do so by 24 February 2022. Proposals should aim to:

  • Support initiatives aimed at prevention of child sexual abuse and assistance available to victims; or
  • Create and improve technical solutions that can help tackle child sexual abuse online or enhance the capacity to investigate or prosecute these crimes.

This presents a valuable opportunity for the Safety Tech sector to develop technical interventions to help tackle child sexual abuse online on a global scale.


The call for proposals is open to all public bodies, not-for-profits and international organisations established in an EU country. 

If you are a business established outside of the EU, you will be able to apply as a co-applicant. Private profit-making entities can also apply as co-applicants. 

All applications must be transnational, with applicants from at least three countries, and must cover 24 months. The budgets for proposals can range from 500,000 to four million EUR.


Submit your proposal through the Electronic Submission System of the Funding and Tende opportunities Portal by 24 February 2022; more information is available on the EU Commission website.

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