About the Safety Tech Innovation Network

The Safety Tech Innovation Network is the national innovation network dedicated to the promotion, collaboration and the industrial application of online safety technologies in the UK.

About the Safety Tech Innovation Network

Across the world a new wave of companies are developing a huge variety of innovative products and services that help businesses better protect their online users from harm.

UK companies are already world-leaders in safety tech. DCMS research reveals that the 70 UK safety tech companies make up 25% of the international market, and the sector is growing by 35% per year. Upcoming regulation is likely to further increase interest in the sector. 

The Safety Tech Innovation Network is dedicated to promoting the UK’s safety tech sector, bringing together the people who are driving forward innovative online safety technologies and providing a forum for collaboration and discussion.

Safety Tech Innovation Network Objectives

To support further growth of safety tech, the Innovation Network will: 

  • Encourage and support innovation: enabling more efficient collaboration on technical solutions in the UK and beyond – information sharing, problem solving and solution creation
  • Drive adoption: showcase safety tech across sectors and create stronger networks to connect buyers and suppliers
  • Raise awareness of safety tech: create a consistent voice for the sector and coordinate showcasing activities

It’s your network – help us build it 

There is a huge amount of expertise, commitment and passion in safety tech. We hope the Safety Tech Innovation Network will play a role in helping people come together to share knowledge and address common challenges.

The Network is – and will always be – a work in progress. In the coming months, the site will expand and grow as we learn what is working and what isn’t, based on your feedback

In particular, we will be looking at:

  • Expanding the ‘about safety tech’ content into a set of more detailed content pages that discuss the tech in more depth;
  • Developing the Innovation Challenges, working with network members to focus the five broad themes into practical plans for action;
  • Updating the provider pages so they reflect the strength and diversity of safety tech on offer.

We will be running events every fortnight or so, as well as feature articles on areas of topical interest (if you’d like to contribute an article or propose an event, let us know).

Safety Tech Providers 

This site provides a list of safety tech providers, filterable by type of safety tech, location of provider and/or cost. Inclusion of an organisation on this list does not imply our endorsement of its products.

On this list we include:

  • Organisations based in the UK whose work is dedicated to producing technology that helps to keep users safer online, based on the sector definition set out in the DCMS sector report;
  • Members of the leading international online safety groupings offering relevant products or services: GIfCT, WeProtect, Fair Play Alliance.

All suppliers of services to UK schools must have completed the self-certification process run by the Safer Internet Centre to be eligible for listing.
If you would like your organisation considered for inclusion in this list, contact safetytech@dcms.gov.uk.

Chat to us on LinkedIn

Over on LinkedIn we have a Safety Tech Innovation Network page – head over there if you’d like to chat to us about the Network, or feed back on the site. We’re also all over Twitter.

Who delivers the network

The Safety Tech Innovation Network is independent and impartial, supported by public and private sector advisors who provide expert feedback from industry, academics and government identifying their priorities and advising on future areas of focus.

The Safety Tech Innovation Network is funded by DCMS, Nominet, InnovateUK and delivered by KTN.

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