Tech that builds safer, stronger online communities

Protecting users, supporting moderators

Toxic content and behaviour drives away users. One in five people have stopped gaming or engaging with a website because of harassment or abuse. Having the right tools in place to support moderators can help businesses comply with the law, protect users and build engaged, supportive online communities.

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How safety tech can help your business

  • Block illegal content

  • Detect toxic content and behaviour

  • Deliver kid-safe online experiences

  • Identify and mitigate disinformation

  • Protect devices and networks

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We are the Safety Tech Innovation Network

We are a collaborative network of people and organisations from across the public, commercial and non-profit sector who come together to create safer online experiences through tech. We run events, innovation challenges and connect up the community.

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Our Upcoming Events

  • How to build responsibility into product development: Consequence Scanning workshop

    Consequence Scanning is a new agile practice that helps organisations consider the potential consequences of their product or service on people, communities and the planet. The technique helps product teams understand how best to mitigate or address potential harms before they happen, and ensure that the products or services they’re creating are aligned with their organisation’s values and culture. In this unmissable workshop learn about: the Consequence Scanning technique, and how it could be applied to your own work; take part in a practical exercise to test the technique; discuss the applicability of the technique to the development of online safety technologies.

    1 Mar 2021, 15.00pm


    Organised by Safety Tech Innovation Network

  • Safety Tech 2021: Unleashing the Potential for a Safer Internet

    One in five people have stopped engaging with a website or online community because of harassment or abuse. But while many companies are trying to put measures in place to safeguard their online communities, the resulting impact is that human moderators are becoming overwhelmed by the emotional and psychological toll of dealing with the internet’s dark underbelly. CogX is proud to be hosting the world’s first safety tech conference, curated by Department of Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS) and, Department for International Trade (DIT).

    24 Mar 2021, 15.30pm


    Organised by Safety Tech Innovation Network & CogX

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