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What is Safety Tech?

“Cybersecurity focuses on protecting data, information, networks and systems. Cyber safety, or safety tech, focuses on protecting what it is to be human online. It focuses on protecting people online.”  – Professor Mary Aiken, Cyberpsychologist

Safety Tech is technology that has been designed to facilitate safer online experiences, and to protect users from harmful content, contact or conduct. 

The Safety Tech Innovation Network

Providing the foundations for public, commercial and non-profit sectors to come together to create safer online experiences through tech. 

The Safety Tech Innovation Network aims to grow a global community of Safety Tech professionals, providing opportunities for networking, collaboration, and a genuine dialogue for overcoming challenges unique to the sector and influencing policy making.


Safety Tech Challenge Fund

The UK Government is awarding five organisations up to £85,000 each to prototype and evaluate innovative ways in which sexually explicit images or videos of children can be detected and addressed within end-to-end encrypted environments, while ensuring user privacy is respected. 




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  • Safety Tech 101: How technologies deliver kid-safe experiences online (Age Assurance)

    13/01/2022 3:00 pm Europe/London (GMT)
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    This event is the third of our Safety Tech 101 series where we will be providing our audiences with a deep dive into the technologies used “at platform level” to enable age appropriate online experiences.

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